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Please call to : +81-3-6715-1220

Our priority is to contribute to society by looking for and providing with items in need.

Company Name HONGO Inc.
Location #331, Center Bldg., Tokyo Ryutsu Center, 6-1-1, Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0006, Japan
TEL +81-3-6715-1220
FAX +81-3-6715-1221
Year of Foundation Jan 5, 2018
Capital JPY5,000,000.-
President Junichiro Hongo
Contents of business
  1. Sales, maintenance, repair and rental of analytical instruments and their peripheral equipment
  2. Chemical analysis, other various analyzes, tests and inspections, commissioned research and technical guidance concerning them
  3. Sales and repair of industrial machinery and equipment and accessories related thereto
  4. Manufacture and sales of electronic materials and manufacturing equipment related thereto
  5. Development, manufacture and sales of information processing equipment, computer system / software
  6. Sales of second hand machinery
  7. Development, manufacture, sale, maintenance, repair and import / export of various equipment / parts
  • The Johnan Shinkin Bank.  Kamata Branch
  • Mizuho Bank, Ltd.  Kamata Branch
Major Supplier
  • Midac Corporation (USA)
  • Joowon Industrial Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • Boreal Laser Inc. (Canada)
  • Jiangsu Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd. (China)

Business Lisence

  • Secondhand dealer

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